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Error 19 (0×80070013) in Tasksequence

Did you ever saw a error 19 in a tasksequence for rolling out office 2010 or other apps with SCCM 2007 R3?

The error 19 is pointing towards “drive is read only” and the smsts.log looks that way:

In our case, the issue was pointing towards the office 2010 installation files, because it is installed using an cusomtized msp created with /admin argument.
And in there where several things in the msp pointing towards this direction like custom template stores and so on.

But Office wasn’t the culprit. All was caused by bitlocker.
Yes, bitlocker.

If you ask why bitlocker, here is the answer:
The files for the installation of office 2010 where cached for local deployment and support of roaming users.
The bitlocker GPO in the active directory domain was set to:
Deny write access to fixed drives not protected by BitLocker

As the tasksquence tries to store the data on the drive with the highest avaiable free space, the second partition was used.
But as the partition wasn’t encrypted yet, the creation of the _SMSTaskSequence folder failed with “drive is read only” error 19.

We have decided to submit a but report on this error as we couldn’t understand why the cache tries to place the files on a read only drive.

So, if anyone else stumbles on that, check you GPOs and as a best practise, apply the GPO after installation hast finished…

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