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Scheduled reports are not generated: Error: Thread was being aborted

A customer had the error that scheduled reports where not sent out from the SCOM 2007 R2.
In that case, the status of these schedules where: Error: Thread was being aborted.

There was no more error in the eventlog or any other location that pointed out to an error.
Also if the reports where opened from the opsmgr console, they where shown fine.

So one thing we figured out was, that the time slot for the reports was really big.
For example: Get CPU-Usage Performance for 5 Servers for the last year.

So we had a look at the server usage at the time when the scheduled report should have run and found that the server was under big pressure at that moment.
We recommended to move the reportingservices to an other machine for running the reporting services only and to spread the reports all over the days.

Now also big reports are generated as requested.

Reporting Services hidden on feature list of SQL 2005

We had to install the SQL 2005 Reporting Services (included with the SCCM – License of our customer) for enabling the reporting point on the SCCM Site server. The operating system is Server 2008 x64.
But as we started the SQL Server installer, the nothing of the installation features where shown except from the client tools and documentation.
All requirements where checked sucessfully, but installing Reporting Services wasn’t shown.

So we tried a lot of things, enabled 32 bit apps in IIS, restarted several times, added IIS features and so on.
But everything we didn’t show up the selection of Reporting Services feature.

So we started looking at the other software that was installed on that server and found the “Reporting Services 2008 Viewer Redistributable SP1″ installed.
And what to say: that one is the cluprit.
It was installed with the WSUS-Feature.
Removing it shows up the complete feature list in the SQL  Server Installer.
But the WSUS started to throw bad messages until we installed the viewer again.