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Slow network transfer in 2008 R2

Today we where asked to have a view on some servers where the network performance is really poor.

All servers with this issue are placed in branches using 4mbit MPLS connection.

The network perfomance was round about 4 – 8 KB/s.
Supected where 200 – 250 KB/s.

Also the poor perfomance was shown only using TCP/IP.
On UDP/IP the transfer rate was ok.

So we tested every TCP setting you can ever think of:

  • TCP Offload,
  • Chimeny
  • Caching
  • Jumbo Frames
  • MTU
  • and so on

But nothing changed the poor performance.

Since we stumbled over a blog, written on January 2011:

And yes, the servers with the issue are all on Server 2008 R2 Standard Edition (RTM or SP1) and have 48GB of RAM.


It’s not a joke:

We removed 16GB of RAM form a server and the traffic was fast.

We remounted the RAM again, and the network performance was poor again…


After that we decided to ask Microsoft about that “Feature”.

I will post a answer as soon as we have an answer.


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